Belgian Journey

5 min. 52 sec., DV, 2009

ltd 10 copies

Wil restaurated the old 50’s 8mm archive he inherited of his grandparents during their colonial years. The film fell apart during the first projections and Wil decided to reconstruct the family footage in a personal and quite unconventional way, working with several manual-, chemical- & video techniques. The film tells the intimate story both of a family as well as a national collective memory from a highly critical & ethical angle.


We Have Them

1 min. , DV, 2012

ltd 10 copies

Cows being kidnapped in a quirky and unexplainable way. Wil proposed the film to the marketing departments of hamburger chains McDonalds & Quick as an online videocontent idea. Consternation. A furious fight over the telephone was the consequence. Mission accomplished. The video travelled to 15 museums and galleries in Belgium, Netherlands, Egypt & China.


The Burning Of Mantje's Script Ideas

12 min. 18 sec., HD, 2013

ltd 10 copies

When the great Dutch underground painter Aldert Mantje appeared as a Deus Ex Machina on a misty night in a bar in Amsterdam during the shoot of CELLS, he asked Wil to read the filmscript he wrote in South Africa over 2 years. He added that it was the original & only mastercopy and there were no backups or copies. The manuscript consisted of texts written on a typewriter, handwritten parts, sketches & beautiful drawings in pen and crayon, and a few computer written texts without floppy backups. Wil turned to Mantje: "Do you think that would be a good idea? What if I'd burn it? Then all of it will be gone!" 'Then you should film it.", Mantje replied and vanished.