Les Enfants Qui Ne Sont Pas Encore Totalement Perdus

3 x fiber 35mm print 40cm x 30cm


ltd 3 copies

These kids, photographed in an ultra quick moment right after being filmed for their dancefilm solos with a ultra tight filming schedule, are way too often disgraced & mistreated by their family & friends. The excuse to do so is that these kids have mental disorders, are 'difficult' and don't fit in what they are supposed to. The photographs show their vulnerability, confusion, fragility and hopefully somewhere a bit of prospect and a possible happiness.


Dust & Glory

5 x fiber inkjet print 30cm x 30cm


ltd 5 copies

Dust & Glory is about damaged souls on the loose, waiting for something that doesn't exist, trying to kill time, wasted or awake doesn’t matter.


Inner State

3 x fiber inkjet print 30cm x 30cm


ltd 5 copies

Inner State is shot in the metro in Paris in 2014, isolated and alienated, dooming distorted lost creatures.



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These are not series, but simple singles. The city as a purgatory space, as an omega ville, dark and abandoned landscapes, a lonely dog. Or forgotten human arte-facts and the search for magic realism in what’s left behind as a kind of industrial romance...